If you’re after a special bun or dinner roll, Micaelense has what you’re looking for. Our wide selection of products includes kaisers, paninis, submarine, hamburger, hot dog and onion buns and a variety of dinner rolls and artisan buns from stone baked, pada to ciabatta.

Like our breads, many of our buns and dinner rolls are available in 12 grain, whole wheat, cranberry grain and pumpernickel. Our hamburger, hot dog and slider buns made of egg dough are delicate and fluffier than traditional flour breads.


Cranberry Grain Dough

This variation is a healthier whole grain and white flour blend with the addition of dried cranberries for a tangy sweetness and uniquely textured dough.

Available in :
Cranberry grain baguettes as well as 7-inch long artisan-style paninis and dinner rolls to impress even the most sophisticated dinner guests.