Our European-style breads come in several varieties from plain white, light, dark and marble rye to Calabrese, 12 grain, whole wheat, cranberry grain, corn bread, egg and sourdough. We also produce sliced breads for toasting, foccacia-style breads topped with herbs or onions and French-style baguettes in eight tempting varieties. Whether you’re after a standard loaf, handcrafted artisanal breads, or dense European style delicacies, Micaelense has something for even the fussiest eater.



With so many loaves to choose from, finding the right one is no easy task. If you’ve ever been to bakery in Europe, you’ll feel right at home with our vast selection of large loaves. Micaelense bakes up some real gems including a crispy and airy Calabrese round to light.

Available in : Regular, thick-sliced or unsliced, Calabrese round to light, dark and marble rye loafs, white French bread, 12 grain, sourdough and round corn bread.