As people shift towards healthier lifestyle choices, Micaelense has created a range of health-conscious products using locally sourced ingredients. Not only have we cut out the trans fats from our baked goods, we’ve also reduced the salt and many of our products are now available in whole wheat and whole grain varieties. We also take pride in using real ingredients, such as real carrots and real fruit and you won’t find any additives and preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients in our products. Also watch this space for our gluten free range of baked goods and many more exciting new developments.


Whole Wheat

Far more substantial than plain white flour, our range of whole wheat products provides a healthy alternative that never compromises on flavour or texture. Micaelense’s whole wheat tea biscuits with raisins are the perfect complement to your afternoon tea. We also bake daily whole wheat toast, foccacia bread, dinner rolls, bread sticks, baguettes, farmer’s loaves and a wide assortment of buns. If it’s whole wheat you’re after, we cover all the bases.

Available in :
Bagel Buns, Toast, Hot Dog Buns – kids, Hamburger Buns – kids, Foccacia Bread – Rye Meal topping, Kaiser Buns – Med, Bagel, Dinner Rolls, Bread Sticks, Submarine Buns – 6 ” and 9″,Hot Dog Buns – kids, Hamburger buns, Baguette, Farmers loaf – long.